Saturday, October 9, 2010

connections and mental track hopping + update

I can't help getting excited when I make connections.

I was looking up free movies on Hulu and came across 'Lifeforce' -
I remember renting it a lot as a kid, but I can't remember it.
I really am hoping this is a movie that I have weird memories about, but for the life of me
I haven't been able to find - I explain things I remember, but no one else seems to be familiar with my description... perhaps I made up memories to go along with this movie.

SO. I go to look up a trailor and come across a foreign Lifeforce poster.
It looks REALLY familiar ... sorta like the Crimson Glory - Transcendence album cover.... I show D and he confirms that it IS the same image!

*brain jumps tracks*

SOOooo I go find the album and see that ~YES~ it is... I wonder if they had permission to use it? Because it definitely goes along with the theme of Lifeforce, so I'm assuming the poster came before the album. (by 3 years) They credit the artist of the Album (Takashi Terada), but thats all I can find.

*brain jumps tracks*

No longer concerned about finding more clips from the movie to see if I can find the lost images from my child brain, I go on an online quest to see if anyone else has noticed this connection.
I see one small blurb in a blog response and seemingly deleted entry on an IMDB discussion from the movie.

Anyway, here are the 2 images.

I JUST noticed this ALMOST goes along with the art of my previous post and my obsession about people in 'womb - like' structures. *excited, I just made another connection!... well, more personal mental connection. *

Today I spent time with my sister's family and went to Ethnic Expo in Columbus (IN.) - I experienced 'Rose Lemonade' from the Pakistan food booth - I don't think I'm ready to incorporate 'rose' into a drink flavor, it reminds me too much of purfume... or perhaps their batch just tasted a bit too chemical.

I'll do a bigger art update later.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

people in wombs, again

I feel like sharing today's art. (and yesterday's)
Why am I obsessed with the image of people in wombs?
I know, its about growth and rebirth and the constant search to 'become' oneself. The incubation period, waiting to grow into this huge flowering flora. Thus, my dream to be wholly myself, and recognized for who I am, and the fact that I won't feel 'grown up' until I am making a living from what I ~DO~.

So yeah. People in wombs, eggs, seeds and cocoons.... waiting to emerge.

Don't make me psychoanalyze all the earthy roots and striations in my work.

Thought I'd upload a recent drawing and a digital practice of nearly the same image - I anticipate making an oil painting of this image, and I'm playing with some ideas to solidify it in my mind before I throw myself into a full painting.

First is a 9" x 12" watercolor and ink on thick 185 lb paper (slight texture)
(I found a new love of paper, it comes in a pad labeled 'Acrylic' - reminds me of the heavy hot press paper I like, only this has slight more texture)

(by the way, this colorful watercolor and ink
brain explosion is available for $60.)

Then I decided to play around digitally, because I did not feel like painting quite yet - however, I think I am much better at traditional painting than digital painting. Plus I like physical work, but I do like to play with digital works every so often, I never know when I'll need to use it in the future. I started in Corel Painter 11, but this program frustrates me as I am not used to it. So, I ended up moving it into photoshop to finish it.

(this work is not available,
its digital and was just for practice.)

Ok, Enough blogging for today.