Thursday, January 9, 2014

I am not an artist, I am a data entry hampster.

Greetings. This is just a random public place rant and revelation about the never-ending shuffle of filing data and things. I feel like sharing lately. Be warned.

The beginning of my January has now officially been labeled (by me) as the Epic-Re-Organizational-and-Data-Entry-Explosion.
I am having trouble finding myself in all this paperwork, and have begun to doubt that I was ever an artist. I keep trying to work on art slowly, but then I am reminded that I need to finish entering data so I can calculate my end of year expenses and gains. (I was very behind on my data entry, so this has been going on for several days now)

I've also been discovering the joys of organizational BINDERS.
I decided to re-vamp how I collect and store data concerning my art business events, sales, and etcetera, all with the use of a nice binder and separator sleeves. This led me to create a binder for a Color and Design class I am about to teach.

In the process of organizing my data, I discovered that my filing cabinets were too full, and I spent another 2 days purging and archiving papers into folders that can go in a box in the basement. (Coincidentally, half of those giant folders were full of convention swag that I should really just throw away, but have a feeling I'll want to open it up oneday and look through it - I am sure if I ever do open those folders again, I'll proclaim "Why the hell did I keep this crap?")
Now with more space in my cabinets I began to re-order the categories into more useful categories, made sure important data gets kept, and made sure to put crap I don't want to look at in the secondary filing cabinet in my office closet. (like things about my phone and the best buy payment plan)

I begin to think I've made headway, when I realize I didn't quite finish my end of year tally, I still have some Christmas postcards to send, (some still need addresses), and I've got books, scrap papers and notes, and other miscellany that I need to organize and archive.
I watch a show during dinner, and get distracted from the fact that I still have several commissions in progress, my last semester's art class files need to be purged and re-organized, I've got bags and boxes in my office, and *clunk* there is an exercise bike in my way. When did I become a hoarder? But I'm not! Lets do some art. Oh hey, there's that art piece I was working on for that show... I need to make more than one piece for that show... lets do some sketches... *opens sketchbook* where I find reminders of other things that need to be done, like sign up for the new health insurance or pay a fine and get nothing. I look into that for a bit and make calls. This reminds me I need to file some more... and organize those addresses, and start entering this years expenses so I don't fall behind later.

And *poof* I'm running in circles it still looks like my office exploded.
Yet I am still super proud of my new binder system, and my newly cleaned filing cabinets. I will be able to easily keep track of all my business info so I don't have to feel like a 5 headed hampster running on a wheel when I need to know small details that would otherwise get lost in the shuffle.
Also, I should probably start to file quarterly. Another thing to add to the list of things to do.

And really, I just want to pour paint on myself and dance in the snow while singing the Labyrinth soundtrack.