Wednesday, March 27, 2019


Greetings Friends and Fiends and Fine Fellows! 

If you couldn't tell, I HAVE THE TRAVEL BUG.

 This summer I am embarking on a 3 week journey that will include California and New Mexico.

My goal is to create a surreal travel journal publication using art, poetry, writing and photography inspired by my adventures.

The stops along my path are mainly determined by friend and family couch surfing opportunities.

I have plotted out open days between stops to allow for whim and chance to lead me on unplanned paths. This uncertanty is part of the excitement of these travels!

I did did a 16 day test run of this type of travel 2 years ago and it was a success. I visited places I didn't even know existed and met new people along my way. I encouraged friends to share with me their favorite local discoveries. I let the whim of exploring winding roads lure me to beautiful hidden places. I never felt more alive than I did on that journey, and it unlocked something within me. Those experiences led me to crave a similar experience, but this time I want to combine it with my art path. Rather than an 'escape' from my life, I am now diving in and making it a part of my *art* life.

You can go take a look/ follow the new Travel Specific blog at .
"Mad Artist Lydia Travels"


There may be a separate go-fund-me page I will create to help me specifically fund THE TRAVEL PROJECT, but support can also be offered through patreon. * I also plan to publicly thank each patreon patron in the new blog once I get a little more attention to it!

Sunday, March 24, 2019

Tiny mixed media madness!

Greetings Friends!

Here are some fun little framed mixed media pieces. 

But let me explain something interesting about these:

1.) A friend recently brought me a bunch of secondhand little frames. I added this to my growing collection of frames I havn't used yet but it got me thinking: Perhaps its time to dive in and use them!

2.) I always find it a little frustrating dealing with frame glass. I hate cleaning them. I don't like the glare. I'm afraid if I have an unmatted mixed media piece, the acrylic or medium will stick to the glass and damage the art if one ever tries to de-frame it. SO.... I came up with a solution: do the art ON THE GLASS ITSELF. No waste, no risking cutting myself on the cleaning process, strengthens the glass, no fuss! Ok... *LESS* fuss.


I coat the glass frame with tissue paper - this strengthens the glass and provides a paper-like surface for me to art on. The rest is the art process itself! All of these include some ephemera that came from my mother's collection of art bits. They are essentially part of my "Ephemeral Conversations" series. (Just tiny!)

I have provided a few closeups of the pieces unframed:

The above is an unnamed fae of mixed media. (The plastic art knife under it is angling it away from the light so I wouldn't get a shine on it)

"The King of the Practical Questions was sad"

Thats about it! Stay tuned for more updates soon.