Friday, February 16, 2018

Destiny has no place here. Happy February!

Greetings Internet.

This is a little voice in the digital wind, giving an update on her life.

One of millions of voices, skittering across the surface of a very large and turbulent ocean.

I sit here, wondering if keeping this blog is a futile act.

The short hot prick of social media updates has taken over not only potential readers, but my own will of writing. I actually feel somewhat overwhelmed by the prospect of using so much space, and the potential for well thought out content that reveals more than the flash of one facet of personal life.

The reason I am here is, in itself, ridiculous:
*Cue the cyclical thoughts*
I recently updated my website, and I have a big 'BLOG' button to go along with the other important links on my front page. I thought 'Well, if I'm going to link my 'BLOG' so prominently, perhaps I should make an update! .... And perhaps I shouldn't give so much digital real-estate to the concept.
Should I instead link my facebook?
And then I evaluate the other buttons on my website... "blog" could be listed under updates... I could add a "facebook" button... or I could place that in the "about Lydia" page... or maybe the updates page... Oh hell. I could probably condense to about half the buttons.
And now I'm over thinking it.
I like my website update. It looks pretty. And I like the idea of a blog... so I better go make an update.

And the cycle begins again.

By the way, if you want to view my updated website, go here.
(remember to re-fresh the pages if you've already been there.)

I think entirely too much. It gets in the way of doing sometimes. I should be making art for my upcoming conventions. But I'm here. Making a blog post.

Do I want to share so much inner thought? Don't I want to recede from the vast social light and work more on my re-development as an artist and person? Do I want people to see this unformed phase?
Yet, when have I ever been fully formed? I've been living in a cocoon for as long as I can remember, just on the verge of something great - Nearly ready to break out of my self-made binds, created anew - and aching to BECOME; to fly toward my destiny.

But in life, there is no destiny. There is no destination. There is only the path. Lets just aim for the next plateau eh?

Here are some unformed works of art for your viewing pleasure.

Perhaps Next time I'll remember to come here and post some actual updates!

(There is always so much happening. New Art, Teaching, residencies I want to apply for, the tectonic plates of my life shifting into regions unknown, art shows and conventions, silly thoughts, epic plans, snails and luna moths, unskilled dancing, hopeful adventures, a pinch of curmudgeon, salt, crazymail, vampires, hermit crabs, and undefined things.)