Thursday, September 23, 2010


Now that I have your attention...

I just haven't updated for a while and felt it was TIME.
(also, copied from my dA account)

New work is on the way, as I have been busy in my NEW!!(or rather renewed) Leaky Basement Studio!... as I am no longer in the Stutz (my year of free studio ended, and I am not rich enough to afford an external space yet, although I'd like to go back as having a downtown studio provided some awesome opportunities I do not have now, like using it as a professional meeting place in which to show strangers my work.)

My brain keeps going back to stop motion action... maybe I'll have time to work on it one of these days.

I cannot wait for the Horror con shows in November.

I have ordered a sketchbook from Art House Co-Op for the SKETCHBOOK PROJECT.
I finally gave in. I like the idea of it, even though I'm basically giving away free art for it. I am still in 2 minds about it, and not sure how my brain will conform to the idea of doing a 'sketchbook' with a specific theme vs. the random shit I throw in my sketchbook normally. At least most of my art goes along with the theme 'science project gone wrong' - also... I am torn between doing something really kickass and creative, or saving my super duper creative kickass-ness for something more ... sellable. I think I'll just put some crazy 'wrong-science' doodles in and send it in. I have till January.
BUT I HAVE TO PARTICIPATE regardless, I am a huge advocate of Sketchbooks as art. So, I consider it my donation to the world of sketchbook art ... PLUS it will be in their permanent sketchbook library collection, with a library code and everything. ^^
Tho, speaking of sketchbooks, I am inspired to start carrying a smaller mole-skine like sketchbook in which to do awesome work in for myself.

One of my inspirations for this is Nomi Chi - Her sketchbook work is Epic and awesome. Her art is kickass too, but I really really drool over the sketches.

**I was included in an article about Comic Artists -
I may not really be doing 'comics' yet, but I slid in under the umbrella! Thanks to Stuart Sayger for leading the writer to me!

ART vs ART main event is this FRIDAY at the Vogue!!!

That is all for now!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Stutz Residency ends with a BANG! And an art show! Also other updates

SEPTEMBER 3rd - First Friday - 5-9 pm

See the Stutz Press Release for a great description of my and Patrick's work.

_____The Stutz Residency_______

In August 2009, so many of my career seeds sprouted at once, kickstarting this year into one of the best yet. I was offered 2 part time art appreciation Teaching jobs and I was one of the 2 recipients of the Stutz Residency Award - This allowed me to have a free studio for almost a year at the Stutz Building in Indianapolis.
My self drive went up, my professionalism spiked, and I met some pretty cool people while at the Stutz.


Now it is ending - I'm in the process of packing up the studio and bringing things home. (where am I going to put all this STUFF?! I have a big basement... but that means I have to organize, clean it again and possibly get a dehumidifier)
I'm in the process of talking with some buddies about possibly sharing a space, but the expense would be something to consider NOT lightly... I'm at a point where my art is just starting to take off. If this trend continues, and I do well at the next events I've signed up for - I shouldn't have a problem, but I don't want to make any deals I can't deliver yet.

I'm actually looking forward to working at home for a while, and have all of my supplies in one place. My biggest concern is keeping a downtown presence. Having a professional space to show people my work is a huge advantage. In the meantime, I will start looking for businesses in which to hang my work (cafes, shops, etc)

____CONVENTIONS, Especially horror ones_________

My biggest focus right now is finding events to vend at. Specifically Horror cons. Financially, I tend to do best at these events so far, and I really love the people at atmosphere. I have truly found a big branch of my family in the horror entertainment industry! I am not surprised by this, as I have been mad about dark and scary things since I was a little child. YES, its true darnit. I remember drawing monsters in kindergarten. Sure, they look like squiggly lines if you can find those old drawings, but I remember they were monsters.

This last weened I was at Paranormal Scare Fest (in TN) - while it was small and poorly attended, I'm not complaining. I'm not sure if it was fluke, mistake, luck, or talent, but I managed to do quite well at the event while around me I heard many grumblings and vendors were leaving early. I ended up spreading my prints out on the empty table next to me and stayed there till I was the last one.

_______Non-Money Talk________

I find myself talking lot about vending and events and advertising and building funds, etc. Sometimes I feel I've lost touch with expressing experiences and emotions. Perhaps my dilemma is the fact that I don't like to talk about specific people online without their permission. I don't speak other peoples business. And I havn't been in the mood to express my own emotions and/or personal stories online. I almost feel that it is a 'chore' to relay these experiences, so I stick to the basics of what, where, and when. Then, when I AM in the mood to ' blog' or whatever, I'm way behind on my stories, and there is too much to tell in one post, so I simplify it too much.


thats about it.