Friday, May 31, 2013


Hm. I have been quiet for a while on this blog.
Possibly because I taught such an intense art history class for a while.
I also have not had much to share, besides personal introspectives and mundane ramblings.
To post about those things here would feel insincere, and possibly repetitive , as a more in-depth bounce back from facebook. I am weary of the social network echoes, the attempt to catch the attention of the silent viewers that may only be watching from one angle, when it seems like all the watchers and the watched are all on the same networks.
Alas, that is not why I am posting here tonight!
I do not know why I am writing here tonight.

... tonight, tonight... are you just like me...

I have been enjoying a daily personal journal. I seem to write more when I know it is just for me right now. A chance to record my daily thoughts without judgement. Judgement from out there? No. Judgement from within. There is a sort of corruption that wiggles into my journaling that can only happen when I am aiming for interaction. I keep away data that I deem personal. I worry that the prospect of ~trying-to-impress~ will get in the way of ~trying-to-express~. There is sometimes just a smidge hair difference between the two, and that might just be the two letters.

OK. I think I'm done with expressing for tonight.
I'm going to go work on art and finish listening to a rendition of Les Miserables,
directed by Orson Welles (who also reads the part of Jean Valjean)
I found it on spotify.

sneaky little preview of a little work I haven't revealed anywhere yet...

Art Update (Ok, a tiny bit of promo)
OH. And go check out my art tomorrow (Friday)  - I'll be showing at the Art House in Columbus, IN. Funny enough, my dad who lives in Columbus is having a closing to his show in Seymour, at the Southern Indiana center for the arts.(Facebook event page link here for the Art House show)

Teaching Tidbits (ok, have some more life stuff)
There is a 5 week Art Appreciation class I teach through a tech school. I arrange to meet at the IMA museum. Today there was a mistake in scheduling. We were given a lecture room to use, but due to a specialized event, the museum was not open to the public today after 5, (our class is 5:30-9). Uh-Oh, dilemma! Well, we were allowed to continue using the lecture room, but we could not see the upstairs collections. This soiled my plans for today. Its an intensive condensed class, and we cannot miss or reschedule any dates! THANKFULLY, it was a nice day, and we improvised by visiting the outdoor sculpture park. What could have been a disaster turned out to be a unique experience that my students rarely get a chance to see.
I highly recommend it! I even saw a new sculpture I did not see before.... one that made me LAUGH a lot. If you get a chance, visit the 'Flock of Signs' Installation in the woodsy part of the sculpture walk at the IMA.