Friday, February 26, 2010

new banner, goals, doubts, rambles, new work

Here's a new banner for my site.
Anyone out there do banner exchanges? I'm going to be adding a links section to my site.

Created today, inspired by the fact that I have been severely neglecting advertising myself in the right (right?) places.
Also the fact that I'm not really sure which part of myself to advertise - I've landed on 'oddball creations' as it seems to cover all aspects of my work.

I always run into a wall trying to decide what kind of artist I am. Especially realizing that I may not be up to doing the kind of fantasy illustration I had always dreamed of doing. I still dream of it, and keep trying to improve upon the skills that will get me there But... as I have no singular artistic ambition, I sometimes feel very lost.

Plus, I only had about 1 professional commission last year from someone who wasn't in my circle of friends. In my low moments, this kind of thing makes me question my self worth. People LOVE the work - but its difficult work to market.
I have to keep reminding myself of successful artists who also have strange interstitial artwork work - like Dave McKean and Nick Bantock.


NEW WORK!!!!!!!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

updates are fun with pictures

This Saturday I attended the Paranormal Scarefest at the old Crump Theatre, Columbus Indiana.
Just a one day event, set up like a convention. This is my hometown. Its not known for huge events, and I'm too jaded to expect it to host anything so spectacular. But there was a good turnout and I rather enjoyed myself - plus, I had a great response to the art!
I met some interesting people and creatures - many of whom will also be attending Horrorhound in Indy. I can't wait for that event! - (even though I'm not vending there)

My booth!

Some folks from Atomic Age Cinema - Dr. Calamari, Woody, Baron Mardi, and Reverend Polypus.

Different Pasta shapes are fun, and I had a blast picking out FIORI to eat for dinner.

AND, my Amaryllis finally bloomed. I am so happy. Just one bloom then, but now 3 of 4 are open.

Thats about all, now I need to think of art to make for the Stutz April openhouse. Small things. Perhaps more flat wood panels and mdf. Maybe even small framed work again. I'm holding off on continuing the Weird ABC until after the open house - I know I won't be able to finish them in time, and I don't want to offer them for sale until I have them all together in their own show.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

associations, thought I'd share this observation

as I was studying art, I ran across some of the 'x-ray' style from aboriginal art.

(Image found at

This reminds me a LOT of the animation at the beginning of the movie "Watership Down"
I'd love to ask the animators if they were inspired by the aboriginal art. It seems like it.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Playing around in Studio

Today was a successful day of play and profit. First of all, I gave a 3 hour acrylic technique workshop in my studio. I am going to continue to offer this opportunity for anyone interested. 3 hours turned into almost 4 as we continued to talk and discuss techniques.

After my students left, I was in the mood to keep playing with paint, so I thought I would post photos from today.
Of course, there is the continuation of playing with paint and textures on gessoed surfaces.
Next, I re-picked up an older idea - I have a work in process which uses a regular story book as a sketchbook. Before, I was using the book in a manner similar to the work of Tom Phillips who created HUMUMENT, a manipulated book originally by the name of "The Human Monument". - Excellent work of art, I have no qualms about saying that I am inspired by it - But I do not want to try emulating or copying it. I cannot remember if I started this book before or after someone pointed out Tom Phillips to me. I was at school in England, playing with image and text at the time I discovered his work. Some pages are more graphic like his, some of them include more painting, taking verbal cues from the text when possible. I have posted a few pictures below.

Later tonight: Pizza at a restaurant - why? To see a magician friend of ours perform table magic.
Much more to muse on, but I will leave this post be as it is.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I am consuming the universe and belching strange forested galaxies.
It is crunchy and obscure.

Life continues and I leave a trail of color washes, drips, graphite chiaroscuro , dry scalp and expressions of psychological uneasiness.

Where does this growth matter come from? The air? Dirt? Whispers of sweetness? All this strength and beauty seems to make itself out of nothing.

I am fascinated.

And now for a random photo of a snow face. I did this in January after a light snow. If I did anything now, it would have to be a sculpture. We have a good buildup and it looks beautiful despite my hatred of cold and having to drive in it.