Friday, January 11, 2019

Super Duper Announcements about PATREON and ETSY

Greetings Friends and Fiends! 

I have a few anouncements I'd like to make about Patreon and Etsy!

First of all, I have uploaded the remaining works of art I did for the Monster Drawing Rally to my Etsy Page.

The Monster Drawing Rally was hosted by The Sun King Brewery in  Indianapolis, in collaboration with Newfields, the Indianapolis Museum of Art! 

They were all created with speed, to see how many could get done in an hour. (Although we could bring 5 works in - I created these the same way, so I technically made 11 works in 2 hours!) 5 sold at the event, and there are 6 left! They are all 11"x14", and I am only selling them for $50 each plus s+h!

I have have several prints available and lots of original pieces! I am in the process of trying to upload new and older works to have as many choices as possible!


I have simplified my patreon to currently include a limited offering of Crazymail mystery letters and Crazypostcard rewards!
What is patreon?
Patreon is a way to support your favorite creators by pledging a monthly payment as either an exchange for an offered reward tier or as a donation. I currently offer physical rewards such as Crazymail and Postcards, but I also offer non-physical rewards in the form of sneak peeks, a first look at special offers when possible, as well as a first look at some new work and videos. I also offer a permanent 10% discount code for my Etsy Shop, no matter how much you pledge. My charges happen on the first of the month and you are free to cancel anytime. If you are interested in becoming a patreon patron, click on the link below!


Thank you so much for your time and interest!

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