Sunday, August 11, 2019

August Giveaway

PSSST.... There's still time!!

ANNOUNCEMENT about my monthly PATREON GIVEAWAY: * I will announce the RECIPIENT of this month's giveaway on SATURDAY AUGUST 24th! * Interesting fact: New signups get charged the moment they sign on. * To avoid erroneous charges, I've decided to announce the giveaway recipient near the END of the month instead of the beginning, so new signups can enter on the month of the giveaway. * THIS MEANS if you wanted to support the studio and have your name added to the hat for this month's giveaway pack... you still can! Anyone who's already a patreon will automatically be entered. International patrons can enter too! * There will be giveaways every month while my patreon is active! * Future giveaways may include 2 pots: one with all names and one with names of those who havn't gotten anything yet. Here's the link!! Join anytime! Cancel anytime! Your participation, interest and support is appreciated!
**(EDIT: As per the rules of Patreon, giveaways must be open to anyone with no purchase necessary - so this and all future giveaways will include other ways to enter!! Stay tuned for details.) --- CLOSEUP of the ORIGINAL PIECES in this month's AUGUST 2019 giveaway:

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